charnel house

bridget McKenzie photo.

A charnel house is a house for bones, an ossuary for the dead. It’s also a place for transformations.


This piece was inspired by Apologia, an essay by the writer Barry Lopez, in which he insists on the worth of stopping to honour road-killed animals. “You never know,” he suggests, “the ones you give some semblance of a burial, to whom you offer an apology, may have been like seers in a parallel culture. It’s an act of respect, a technique of awareness.”

neil harvey photo.

charnel house is a one-to-one performance and installation. It has appeared at The Wilderness Festival, Unciv2013, Glasgow GoMA and the 2014 Hidden Door Festival.

It has been described as a “beautiful, strangely intimate experience; a moving articulation of loss.”(Persephone Pearl, ONCA Gallery)